Classic Holden Ute Restoration for Geelong business

We love finding tired old cars. We find them, collect them, introduce them to the workshop and painstakingly bring them back to life. It was no different with this Holden HK ute.

We had been tasked with finding an old ute to restore for a Geelong-based company to use for commercial and promotional purposes. And when we came across this little lovely we knew we had the right vehicle for our customers!

So the work began. First priority was to get her running, driving and stopping. Here’s an outline of the work involved in the restoration of this classic car:

  • Bare metal restoration
  • Floor pan and inner ute tub has been treated with 415 gloss black coating.
  • New floors.
  • Replaced driver’s floor
  • HT disc brake front end
  • Holden blue motor 202 with 161 high-compression head
  • XU1 valves with twin valve springs
  • XU1 cam shaft
  • Chrome rockers
  • Torca manifold
  • New handmade brake lines
  • Lowered V8 HT coils
  • V8 rear leaf springs (1″ lowered)
  • Re-trimmed seats. Black trim with Monaro houndstooth inserts
  • Tinted windows
  • GTS hubcaps

Progress on the Geelong ute restoration

Check out the gallery of images and see how work is progressing on the Holden HK ute restoration for a Geelong-based business. More to come!