Classic car paint restoration

Catocraft Automotive takes enormous pride in the overall look and presentation of its vehicles and that’s why we place so much emphasis on classic car paint for restorations at our Echuca workshop. We understand that classic vehicle restorations involve both financial and emotional investments and why our clients want the best finish possible. We absolutely understand why it’s so important clients’ precious machines look as good as they drive and like to think the quality of our paintwork is the perfect complement to the mechanical work and classic car upholstery restoration and repairs in our Echuca workshop.

Paint suitable for classic, muscle and historic car restorations comes in a variety of options but at Catocraft Automotive we focus on recognised and proven products and techniques, without the exorbitant prices that can accompany paint jobs by some classic vehicle restoration companies. We aim to deliver the looks of $25,000 paintwork without getting anywhere near a $25,000 price tag. Catocraft’s quest is to put classic cars within the reach of all car lovers, and to deliver on our commitment we need to provide classic car paint restorations that are high quality but don’t push costs over budget.

Catocraft Automotive will discuss your paintwork expectations with you at length but here’s a little information to help with your classic car paint restoration decision.

Two-pack acrylic enamel for classic and muscle car restorations

Two-pack paints provide the ultimate finish for any classic car project. From the depth of colour and level of shine to its strength and chip resistance, nothing beats two-pack. That’s why it’s the preferred choice of Catocraft Automotive’s classic car restorers. The stunning finish achieved through two-pack paints does require special skills and safety measures because applying two-pack paints is a recognised and genuine health hazard, which is why it’s a job best left to the professionals. Catocraft works with some of the best spray painters in the business and whether it’s sparkling metallics, lustrous pearls or straight solid colours, our muscle, classic and historic car restorations always look their best with a two-pack finish.

Acrylic paints for historic vehicle restorations

Acrylic paints were the go-to for car paint up until the mid 1990s, which is why they’re a popular choice with enthusiasts who want to stay true to every element of their vehicle, right down to classic car paint restoration. Acrylics are much safer to use than their two-pack counterparts and are lower on the cost scale, however they are not as resistant to chipping, require buffing and polishing and the application of a clear coat to get the best results. Also, the range of colours is not as extensive as other options. While a home-based car restoration enthusiast could get a good result with acrylics, most amateurs do not undertake the preparation required for a show car finish. Almost perfect is not good enough for Catocraft Automotive and our classic car paint restoration work is based on perfect preparation, perfect application and perfect finish. We’re not happy unless the job’s done right.

Not all classic and muscle car restorations involve a complete respray and sometimes a good cut and polish is all that’s required for an acceptable finish. If you’re considering buying or restoring a classic and wondering what will be required for the finish you desire, consider our classic car pre-purchase inspection service in Echuca. We can advise on paintwork, as well as mechanical issues and upholstery repairs and also offer overall restoration advice and guidance.

Please contact Catocraft Automotive for all muscle, classic and historic car restoration services.