Classic car, muscle car and historic vehicle restorations

Catocraft Automotive exists to undertake classic car  and muscle car restorations. Providing services to an Australia-wide client base, Catocraft can perform a professional ground-up restoration, a concours restoration or so-called oily rag restoration, as well as a range of classic and muscle car repairs in our Echuca workshop. Our services are perfect for tailored promotional vehicles, classic vehicle restorations, muscle car restorations and finishing off restored performance vehicles.

Ground-up classic and muscle car restorations

Top-quality ground-up restorations require the professional attention of classic vehicle restorations experts such as Catocraft Automotive. Ground-up classic vehicle restorations are our specialty, taking an old barn find or paddock bomb and restoring it to showroom condition. Ground-up muscle car restorations are a particular focus for Catocraft’s classic vehicle restorations team in Echuca and we shot to national prominence in 2016 for our work on a CL Valiant for internationally acclaimed surfing brand Quiksilver. Ground-up restorations are the way to go if you’re hoping to undertake a clunker-to-classic vehicle restoration. Your historic vehicle might have its heritage and looks entrenched in the past, but its body, mechanicals and interior will be well and truly grounded in the 21st century when we’ve finished with it. While ground-up restorations can be expensive, Catocraft strives to provide muscle and classic car restorations that realise dreams without wrecking bank balances.

Concours historic vehicle restorations

Concours restorations are the option when you’re planning to return your car to its pristine original state, and are best left to historic vehicle restoration experts such as Catocraft Automotive. You wouldn’t want to get halfway through your historic vehicle restoration project and discover you’ve overlooked something fundamental – the costs and self-recrimination would be crushing. At Catocraft, our decades of experience and countless muscle car and classic car restorations have prepared us well for your precious project. Concours work involves returning your vehicle to the condition in which it left the factory. Concours treatment usually involves stripping the vehicle back to bare metal and, in many cases, rebuilding the vehicle again. Concours work involves upholstery restoration, classic car paint restoration in our Echuca paintshop, rubber, engine repairs – whatever is required to get that vehicle back to as-new condition. Classic car engine repairs and restorations require old-fashioned skills and knowledge. There are no computers to plug in to provide the answers to what’s going on under the  hood of these old beauties. Be confident, Catocraft knows old cars and knows how to get them back to their concours best. Again, we strive to do the best job but at the right price.

Oily rag muscle and classic car restorations

Oily rag restorations are not a key focus of the Catocraft team – only because we aim to deliver on all elements of a car restoration project – but we’re certainly happy to help with an oily rag job. For the uninitiated, oily rag restorations involve taking an older, worse-for-wear vehicle and returning it to good running order without worrying too much about the appearance. That last bit about not caring too much about appearances is the part that bothers our classic and muscle car restoration crew – but we cope!

At Catocraft, our oily rag restorations are a little deceptive. Our muscle car restoration team will help you create a vehicle that might look a little tired and slow but in reality is a high-powered muscle car in plain clothes. If you have an old car that you’d like to “tweak” a little, then Catocraft Automotive should be your first call.

For all restorations, from muscle and classic car repairs, through to complete historic vehicle restorations, contact Catocraft Automotive. No matter whether it’s a ground-up, concours or oily rag restoration, our goal is to exceed your expectations in both results and price.