Classic car upholstery restorations and repairs

Your classic car looks a million dollars on the outside and Catocraft Automotive’s classic car car upholstery restoration and repairs in Echuca will make it look and feel a million dollars on the inside as well. Catocraft’s extensive muscle car, classic car and historic vehicle restoration services include professional upholstery work by industry-leading vehicle trimmers.

Catocraft’s trimmers work with a variety of materials for our upholstery repairs and restorations, including ever-popular leather, vinyl and other fabrics specifically suited to car interiors. The work of our historic vehicle upholsterers encompasses all aspects of classic car upholstery, from seats and door trims, through to complete interiors. Whether it’s re-springing or fixing the frame of a muscle car’s bucket seat or re-covering an old classic’s broad bench seat, Catocraft provides an ideal finish at an ideal price.

Catocraft Automotive’s classic car upholstery repairs and restorations service is based in Echuca but provides its services Australia wide to all classic, muscle and historic car enthusiasts. If required we can organise classic car and prestige car transport to Echuca so we can work on the vehicle.

Intricate leather work is a favourite of Catocraft’s vehicle trimmers. Leather is an original feature in many classic vehicles but, despite its toughness and resilience, does eventually succumb to the ravages of time, particularly if ignored and untended. Catocraft’s classic and muscle car upholstery restoration team members are leather experts and will either repair your leather upholstery, matching the existing material as closely as is physically possible, or replace it completely. Whether you want your classic vehicle’s upholstery to appears as it did when new or want an entirely new look, colour and style, Catocraft Automotive will work with you to achieve the finish you desire.

While we prefer the look, feel and durability of leather, we understand it’s not for everybody. Talk to us about your preferences for your classic car’s upholstery restoration. We have an extensive range of upholstery materials in stock and, in those isolated instances where we don’t have what you want on hand, the wide range of contacts we have acquired during years in professional motor sports and associated industries ensures we will have what’s needed in the shortest time possible.

If you have questions about the upholstery or other elements of a vehicle you’re considering buying to restore, our classic car inspection service in Echuca can help with your decision making. And when you’ve decided and bought your new treasure, our classic car transporters will bring the vehicle to our workshop for restoration.

From historic vehicle restorations through to muscle car servicing and maintenance, Catocraft Automotive is the right choice for classic car restorations at the right price. Contact Catocraft today.